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Episode 103- Freedom From Food and Chronic Pain with Dr Katrina Ubell

Episode 103- Freedom From Food and Chronic Pain with Dr Katrina Ubell

September 19, 2022

In this episode I talk with Lifecoach and former client, Dr Katrina Ubell.   


Today we talk about Katrina's journey as a weightloss coach, and getting out of chronic pain. 


And we talk about Katrina's new book, out tomorrow- September 20, 2022! 


Get the sneak peek on "How to Lose Weight For the Last Time- Brain Based Solutions for Permanent Weight Loss", and how it relates to coaching on chronic pain.


For more information on Katrina Ubell and her new book, check out her website here:  https://katrinaubellmd.com/


To hear my original podcast episode with her on her "Weight Loss for Busy Physicians" Podcast in Oct 2020: https://katrinaubellmd.com/how-i-cured-my-chronic-pain-and-acid-reflux-with-betsy-jensen/




Episode #102- 4 Ways Teens Trigger Survival Brain, and Relaxation Challenge with Torie

Episode #102- 4 Ways Teens Trigger Survival Brain, and Relaxation Challenge with Torie

September 13, 2022

Today I interview Torie Henderson- Lifecoach for exhausted, overwhelmed moms.

She talk about how teens can trigger survival brain, but the concepts here can apply to close family members or friends too if you aren't a parent of teens!

Torie also struggled with chronic pain- vulvodynia starting at age 21, then lower back pain and TMJ.  She talks about how she learned not to carry stress in her body.

Join to listen to the insidious ways we cause ourselves nervous system dysregulation when we have teenagers or chronic pain.

AND if you want to practice nervous system regulation with us, be sure and join our "Relaxation Challenge" September 26-30!

Each day we will go over different techniques together so you can try them out for yourself and see what works for you!

****The Relaxation Challenge will be on Torie's "Supermom is Getting Tired" Facebook page, and you can sign up here: 

Facebook Group - Supermom is Getting Tired https://www.facebook.com/groups/Supermomisgettingtired/


Torie Henderson is a master certified life coach, teacher and owner of LifeCoachingforParents.com. She has helped thousands of overworked and exhausted Supermoms release self pressure so they can more fully enjoy their life as mom. Torie is host of the Supermom is Getting Tired Podcast and is devoted to helping moms release the burdens and the guilt so they can enjoy raising their great kids all the way into adulthood. 

Website https://LifeCoachingforParents.com

Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/LifeCoachingForParents/

Supermom is Getting Tired Podcast https://lifecoachingforparents.com/podcast/

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Episode #101- Survival Brain

Episode #101- Survival Brain

August 17, 2022

This episode is all about how your brain functions in survival mode, and how survival brain actually changes your thinking.


The idea from the podcast was from a clip on Youtube by Jacob Ham called "Learning Brain vs Survival Brain."  So since it's back to school time, I thought about how these survival states even affect our ability to learn.


In survival brain you do not like ambiguities and are prone to black and white thinking.  You have a hard time seeing another perspective and you are afraid to make mistakes.


In learning brain you are able to see the big picture, and accept nuances in thinking.  There is more receptivity, creativity and ability to connect.


And learning brain is the parasympathetic/calm state which is the "rest and repair" state for your body- where it performs at ultimate health.


So check out this episode for more about detecting survival brain and how to get to the learning brain state more often!


If you want to learn more about the nervous system, check out my free nervous system modules here: 



And for a free 60 min consult with me to discuss your case, schedule here: https://calendly.com/thebetsyjensen/free-consult


Episode #100 - Coaching on Pain

Episode #100 - Coaching on Pain

July 31, 2022

In today’s episode I want to tell you about how I coach on healing chronic pain.

I merge PRT (Pain Reprocessing Therapy) with Life Coach tools and Nervous system regulation, for an amazing mix of learning and application into real life.


PRT teaches us to reframe and rewire the brain’s signals of pain, because pain signals are either amplified or decreased depending on how we react to them.  


When the brain and nervous system do not interpret sensations in the body as dangerous, the brain produces less and less of them and chronic pain can be extinguished. (This is shown in the latest neuroscience research).


PRT tools include somatic tracking, detective for the opposite, graded exposure, and outcome independence.  You can read more about them in detail in “The Way Out” by Alan Gordon, or listen to my Somatic Tracking and Graded Exposure Meditations on my previous Episodes.


The way I coach applies PRT tools by understanding your nervous system.  


You can have all of the best tools, but if you are applying them in a way that puts you into a survival state, you add a lot of resistance to your healing.


I teach you to regulate your nervous system by finding those things that distract or feel fun.  Finding calming thoughts or actions will help you get to the parasympathetic/calms state where your body can heal.


By learning to neutralize pain, process emotions, feel positive emotions on purpose, and read your body’s cues, you can become more embodied and intuitive.


You can use your body and your emotions to tune into your internal guidance system.  This will help you make decisions and trust yourself.


If this approach is calling to you, I have amazing group options going on now!  Check out Alignment Academy here:



Episode # 99- The Biology of Trauma with Dr Aimie Apigian

Episode # 99- The Biology of Trauma with Dr Aimie Apigian

July 13, 2022

Today I have a special guest on the podcast, Dr Aimie Apigian.


Dr Aimie is a leading medical expert on how life experiences get stored in the body and how to restore the body to it's best health.


We talk about the chronic effects of trauma on the nervous system, and ultimately the health of the body.


Dr Aimie sees all chronic health conditions relating more to dysregulation of the nervous system, rather than genetics or other factors.


"The nervous system is what drives our health"


Listen in for how trauma is stored in the body, what types of health concerns are most common, and what to do to heal trauma from the somatic and biological approach.

If you want more information about bridging the biology and somatic work in trauma, be sure and register for the upcoming "Biology of Trauma Summit" Aug 8-14, 2022.  It's free and online, and has an amazing panel of speakers!

Register here: https://biologyoftrauma.byhealthmeans.com/?idev_id=31259


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Episode #98- What if It’s Not?

Episode #98- What if It’s Not?

June 29, 2022

Here is a question that I heard a lot this weekend at the coaching retreat I went to- "What if it's not?"


The survival brain will want us to focus all of our energy on figuring out all of the bad things that could happen and to prevent them.


So it quickly forms habits of what foods or activities, physical things, or situations to avoid.  


The Reticular Activiating System in our brain is designed to focus on only seeing things in the environment that fit our beliefs, and ignore what doesn't.


So by asking "what if it's not", it's like taking off the blinders you have been wearing that you think are keeping you safe.


If you want to move out of survival mode and in to purposeful living, healing, and creating, start asking more of the question, "What if it's not?"


Mind Movie Workshop will be happening July, 2022!!! 

Join me for 4 classes (Wednesdays at 10am PST/ 11am MDT/12:00pm CT/ 1:00 EST), where we will create a vision board with music and video for brain reprogramming.  Only $19, and it's free for Alignment Academy Members!



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Episode #97- Top 3 Things To Do if you have Chronic Pain

Episode #97- Top 3 Things To Do if you have Chronic Pain

June 12, 2022

There's a lot of information out there if you have chronic pain!

So in this episode I wanted to simplify the three main concepts that I have found most important in getting out of chronic pain or disease.


1-Detective for the Opposite- This is the best place to start, by changing what you focus on


2-Understanding and Regulating the Nervous System- Notice when your body is in a survival state and develop a toolbox to use to regulate.  The techniques can be top-down (thought based), or bottom-up (somatic).


3-Compassion- Self compassion in the process can be the most challenging, but necessary part.


Listen now for more details!




Episode #96- Becoming More Satisfied

Episode #96- Becoming More Satisfied

June 3, 2022

Get out of living in survival mode and start to regulate your nervous system by becoming more satisfied!


Many of us have an underlying belief that we need to be hard on ourselves to improve.  So we train ourselves to look for problems or flaws, rather than feeling satisfied.


But what I want to propose is that feeling more satisfied is actually the best way for you to evolve and grow!


Looking for problems to fix puts us into a survival state, whereas the parasympathetic/calm state (where you feel satisfied) is where the nervous system is regulated.


When the nervous system is regulated, you are more receptive, creative, able to learn, and able to connect with others.


True growth does not come from beating ourselves up or looking for things we dislike in the world and then finding more problems to fix.


When we feel more satisfied and aligned with our true selves, we will be able to move on the path of growth and evolution with less resistance and with more ease.


Plus being satisfied feels so much better in your body!


Listen in to learn about becoming more satisfied!


And if you want help applying these concepts in your life with coaching, check out my new Flow Not Force Membership! 


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Episode#95- Expand/Contract

Episode#95- Expand/Contract

May 18, 2022

Expand- Contract


This is a principle of growth I first learned about from Peter Levine and Trauma Healing.


He talks about how expansion is followed by contraction, and that this is the normal process of growth.


When I found out everyone who had been with me at the Peter Levine retreat had a week of contraction when we came back to real life, I started noticing this principle other places.


With chronic pain this principle can be called “symptom imperative” (Sarno) or “extinction bursts” (Alan Gordon).  Basically when you start healing, there can be a flare up or a new symptom that shows up.


The Upper Limit Problem, as described by Gay Hendricks in “The Big Leap” is an example of how we may sabotage ourselves when we reach levels of success that are uncomfortable for us.


There is a way of stretching in Physical therapy, called contract-relax.  And yin yoga is a restorative yoga. 


There are many examples of expansion and contraction as a normal way of growing, so be compassionate with yourself along this journey when there are natural ups and downs!


Listen here to learn more!


And for help with applying this in your life, check out my new membership program here:



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Episode #94- Acute Back Pain

Episode #94- Acute Back Pain

May 4, 2022

This episode is all about what I did (and thought) when I had a sudden incidence of severe back pain a few days ago.

I talk about kinesiotape, how to handle a new pain, and all of the ways I could see it was neuroplastic despite feeling real.


Right after my back pain ended, I got sick.  So I talk to you about the judgement of myself I had with that more than the back pain.


All in all, I am glad to be on the other side of it!  But I learned a lot!


If you ever wonder what to do with a new pain or symptom, this episode is for you!


Link to video about taping my back: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CcvgnqjALZb/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


For more information about my 6 mo group coaching program- Alignment Academy, get on the Interest List now (*starts this month!) https://view.flodesk.com/pages/60feeed6cabce0455c07ccef


Not sure if coaching is for you?  Click here to schedule a free 60 min consult with me, where we can discuss the specifics of your situation  https://calendly.com/thebetsyjensen/free-consult 

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