Unstoppable Body and Mind

Episode #96- Becoming More Satisfied

June 3, 2022

Get out of living in survival mode and start to regulate your nervous system by becoming more satisfied!


Many of us have an underlying belief that we need to be hard on ourselves to improve.  So we train ourselves to look for problems or flaws, rather than feeling satisfied.


But what I want to propose is that feeling more satisfied is actually the best way for you to evolve and grow!


Looking for problems to fix puts us into a survival state, whereas the parasympathetic/calm state (where you feel satisfied) is where the nervous system is regulated.


When the nervous system is regulated, you are more receptive, creative, able to learn, and able to connect with others.


True growth does not come from beating ourselves up or looking for things we dislike in the world and then finding more problems to fix.


When we feel more satisfied and aligned with our true selves, we will be able to move on the path of growth and evolution with less resistance and with more ease.


Plus being satisfied feels so much better in your body!


Listen in to learn about becoming more satisfied!


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