Unstoppable Body and Mind

Episode #100 - Coaching on Pain

July 31, 2022

In today’s episode I want to tell you about how I coach on healing chronic pain.

I merge PRT (Pain Reprocessing Therapy) with Life Coach tools and Nervous system regulation, for an amazing mix of learning and application into real life.


PRT teaches us to reframe and rewire the brain’s signals of pain, because pain signals are either amplified or decreased depending on how we react to them.  


When the brain and nervous system do not interpret sensations in the body as dangerous, the brain produces less and less of them and chronic pain can be extinguished. (This is shown in the latest neuroscience research).


PRT tools include somatic tracking, detective for the opposite, graded exposure, and outcome independence.  You can read more about them in detail in “The Way Out” by Alan Gordon, or listen to my Somatic Tracking and Graded Exposure Meditations on my previous Episodes.


The way I coach applies PRT tools by understanding your nervous system.  


You can have all of the best tools, but if you are applying them in a way that puts you into a survival state, you add a lot of resistance to your healing.


I teach you to regulate your nervous system by finding those things that distract or feel fun.  Finding calming thoughts or actions will help you get to the parasympathetic/calms state where your body can heal.


By learning to neutralize pain, process emotions, feel positive emotions on purpose, and read your body’s cues, you can become more embodied and intuitive.


You can use your body and your emotions to tune into your internal guidance system.  This will help you make decisions and trust yourself.


If this approach is calling to you, I have amazing group options going on now!  Check out Alignment Academy here:



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